Manufacturing & Q.C.

The transfer from a laboratory’s prototype to the industrial manufacturing phase requires a long period of time and special skill. For the emulsions, in particular, it is necessary to plan right scaling-up stages; this in order to avoid an useless and expensive waste of time and raw materials. As regards the laboratory, a rational methodology concerning the manufacturing procedures and for the definition of operative variables (time, temperature, applied power) should be set up by small scale (5-10 Kg) experimental modification of the bench method. If manufacturing foresees an application on large scale, i.e. 500-1000 Kg of product, it is always recommended to effect an intermediate step, by producing, for example, a 50-100 Kg pilot trial. All this, because the manufacturing machines and their technical characteristics can strongly influence the final result. Formulations containing high pigments percentages (make-up foundation, mascara), have some variability related to the chromatic yield. It often requires corrections procedures in the middle and at the end of the manufacturing process.