Formulation R&D

Cosmetology is a young and multidisciplinary science.

Thousands and thousands raw materials (and even too much) are available for the formulator, ready to be mixed, blended and dissolved to obtain the finished formula. Which can be the ideal research and development strategy of a new cosmetic product? Different possibilities must be analysed by the cosmetologist in order to exploit them successfully. The required culture or, better, the ability to understand specific key points range from the fields of chemistry to biochemistry, from dermatology to toxicology, from physics to mathematics and even to social sciences. The need to interact with others scientific spheres, in order to finalise the cosmetic project, is the modern formulatorís duty. To formulate means both to study an association of ingredients in compliance with precise quantitative ratios and to obtain a group of well defined activities: all this, while providing a highly pleasant perception.