Courses & Workshop

The full comprehension of the trends and requirements of the cosmetic market is a key issue before formulating and launching a new product or a new cosmetic line. Usually, this task involves both the marketing and the R&D people. A full understanding of the whole picture is therefore necessary. Indeed, understanding the consumersí language and its translation into the formulatorsí language is the first step for the identification of the items to be studied. The participation to product-specific workshops, that are generally tailor-made according to customersí requirements, is a great help before starting and tuning the necessary details. Our Laboratory organizes informative meetings and training with the aim to supply the involved stakeholders with the right cultural instruments to make the appropriate choices. From ingredient selection to vehicles, from all the packaging aspects up to the final presentation of the concepts to the consumer, all the product-related strategies are examined. When a special product category is involved, for instance sunscreens or baby products, more focused workshops can be organised. Deep examination of trendy products, like those in the field of aromatherapy or crystal therapy, that represent extreme sides of cosmetic creativity, has also been carried out.