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The key aspects of my work are based on the experience I acquired throughout my long and diversified professional activity in the cosmetic field since 1970.

I started working as a Product Development manager for a multinational company producing toiletries, afterwards for a pharmaceutical company as a Cosmetic Technology Manager. Then, as a Technical Director I was employed in famous make-up contract manufacturers and raw materials manufacturing companies involved in technical assistance and promotion of raw materials and perfumes. Since 1986, I have been running my independent R&D Laboratory and Consultancy Centre, which includes a team of 6 researchers, endowed with a University Degree in Sciences and a valuable experience in cosmetic formulae and ingredients. We prepare tailor-made cosmetic formulations in the fields of skin-care, sunscreens, toiletries, make-up products, ´cosmetoceuticals´ and hair dyes. We also assemble the related technical and safety dossiers, carry out the relevant stability and compatibility studies and provide assistance in batch scaling-up, trouble shooting and production methods simplification and optimisation. In the field of raw materials, we study the range of potential applications of new raw materials to many possible cosmetic formulae. We also give advice to our customers on the preparation of comprehensive technical brochures and informative leaflets. We are committed to writing technical and scientific papers in order to describe our studies and applications. We also organise conferences aimed at introducing new raw materials to customers in highly interactive and creative styles. As a director of ISPE (Institute of Skin and product Evaluation) as well, I can also assist my customers in the field of definition of the most appropriate evaluation methods and in the interpretation of the evaluation results. Analyses concern safety, efficacy and sensory evaluations, with in-vitro or human volunteers tests. Furthermore, we assist overseas companies in importing and exporting into and from the EU. Finally, we are in very good terms with many highly qualified experts in technical fields related to cosmetics. Their experience ranges from industrial lay-out to transdermal delivery applications, from dermatology and allergology to analytical sciences. If you wish to know more, please read my site through, or send me an e-mail with specific questions. I will be glad to be of real help to you.