Problem solving emollients: high-tech hydrogenated polydecene in diseased skin treatment

Cosmetics cannot modify the pathological state of skin diseases, but it is well-known that they provide hygiene, care, protection in all states of skin disorders. The result of their use is the significant improvements of skin functions. A careful selection of ingredients, which need be both innocuous and effective is required when dealing with high skin reactivity, enhanced TEWL, xerosis, impaired integrity of the stratum corneum, bacterial or mycotic proliferation, or with the problems of baby’s, aged or atopic skin. In all the above-mentioned cases, hydrogenated polydecenes based cosmetics become a tool for providing or reinforcing the skin balance. Hydrogenated polydecenes are safe as they do not penetrate into the lower layers of the epidermis. These features allow the formulation of innovative skin care products, which are suitable for all types of delicate skin. Application examples clarify most of the described advantages.