Men´s cosmetics, a formulation challenge?

The World Health Organisation has recognised that health is not only the absence of pathology but also a balanced equilibrium between body and mind well-being. Cosmetics are a powerful tool for reaching such equilibrium for both men and women. Unlike women, men feel totally uncomfortable if other people notice traces of cosmetic care on them. Besides basic hygiene as inevitable requisite for social communication, men recognise the importance of regular skin ‘maintenance’ and protection, but regard it as a private matter, not to be shown in public. Men are learning how to use cosmetics, they recognise the different brands, experiment with new products, listen to their friends’ suggestions and sport partners. The importance of personal appearance in the ‘struggle’ for social success has created a new budgetary expenditure for the male consumer. Special sensory properties are of basic importance for products aimed to fulfil men consumers requirements. New technologic vehicles are required in order to satisfy the new challenges posed by men’s cosmetics. New categories of emollients tend to play a major role in this field. Their main requirements are good massageability and spreadability, no greasiness, transparency, odourless and with colourless appearance, emollient feel. Some formulations specifically designed for men are here described.