About us

Studio Rigano Industrial Consulting Laboratories were founded in 1986 by Dr. Luigi Rigano as a centre of formulation and consulting services in the cosmetic field. Since 2016 as Rigano Laboratories S.r.l., its headquarters is based in Milan, via Bruschetti 1, and actually occupies an area of 350 square metres.
The laboratories are equipped for research and development of several types of non-aerosol cosmetics, including make-up, and for application trials on new raw materials. Pilot productions till 5 Kilograms can be made. The main equipment are the following: 5 Kilograms vacuum turbo-emulsifier, ball-mills, compressed-air compacting machine, thermostatic ovens at different temperatures, thermostatic centrifuge at 13000 rpm, spectrophotometer IR-TF, microscope, technical and analytical balances, thermostatic bath, viscometer, pH meter, Silverson turbo-emulsifier, sampling store with more than 5000 raw materials, technical-scientific library.
Our laboratory reached agreements with the Universities of Milan and Bologna for the development of experimental University thesis. Furthermore the laboratory avails itself of the dermatological consulting of Prof. Berardesca from S. Gallicano Hospital in Rome, of Prof. Angelini from Dermatological Clinic of Bari University and of Dr. Joachim Fluhr from Jena University. We also co-operate with Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) for the elaboration and evaluation of new cosmetic ingredients.


  • Research and development activity for innovative formulations in the cosmetic and para-pharmaceutical fields.
  • Production stage optimisation, accelerated and long-term stability tests.
  • Compatibility tests.
  • Application studies of new raw materials in different physical forms and formulations.
  • Training for researchers, laboratory and production staff, Dermatologists and Chemists.
  • Coaching for technicians and sale agents applied to the cosmetic field.
  • Technical and safety dossier processing according to the ECC norms.
  • Problem solving.
  • Production plants lay-out. Interactive or traditional presentations of new raw materials or finished products.
  • Preparation of Technical data sheets concerning raw materials.
  • Revision of technical descriptions of finished products.
  • Consulting concerning Italian and foreign cosmetic norms.
  • Updating about current trends in the Italian and foreign cosmetic markets.
  • Preparation of technical and scientific articles for magazines.
  • Cosmetic products analysis.